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Stir-fried Snake.

The town of Buntulu, near the Kelawit River in Borneo, has a favourite recipe in which meat is grilled or fried with vegetables and then served with rice. Sounds pretty standard fare – except that the meat in question is actually snake! So the townsfolk were...

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Ever had that nasty feeling that you’ve simply eaten too much? Maybe you have suffered from embarrassing indigestion, or perhaps you have even been so full that you feel you just can’t move! Snakes – in particular pythons and boas – are renowned for swallowing large...

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2018, the Year of the Dog? (Part 5).

It’s official! Although according to the Chinese Zodiac 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’, there have already been so many reports of slithery reptiles in the media that we’re renaming it ‘Year of the Snake’. It all started early in the summer, when snakes began turning...

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2018, the Year of the Dog? (Part 4).

Although it may be officially the ‘Year of the Dog’, the start of 2018 has been notable for a deluge of reports about snakes in the media. Further examples include: In early January Melbourne snake catcher Jarrod Bingham from Reptile Relocations captured a monster...

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2018, the Year of the Dog? (Part 3).

The Chinese zodiac is based upon a 12-year sequence, with each year being assigned a different animal and the calendar being calculated according to the Chinese lunar cycle. This year, 2018, is the ‘Year of the Dog’, while the ‘Year of the Snake’ was last celebrated...

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2018, the Year of the Dog? (Part 2).

Should 2018 be renamed the ‘Year of the Snake’? In Part 1, we focussed on some of the spate of recent stories about snakes that have featured in the media. Here are some further examples: When a resident in Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains discovered a carpet python...

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2018, the Year of the Dog? (Part 1).

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’, but with the extent of recent media coverage here in Australia, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that in reality it is the ‘Year of the Snake’. For example, on February 13th The Advertiser...

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Mass poisoning from cobra venom!

In early February 2018, news outlets around the world reported on a disturbing incident that occurred at Mpoza village in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Approximately 60 people were taken to a hospital in Tsolo suffering from diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting...

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Swimming snakes and Speedos. Part 3.

In spite of the hysteria generated when a Red-bellied Black Snake decided to take to the water in a crowded swimming hole in Bright, in north-east Victoria, I was able to provide ABC radio’s listeners an assurance that it was the considered opinion of all the experts...

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