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iHerp Australia is an Australian based digital interactive magazine dedicated to herpetology and the growing hobby of keeping reptiles and amphibians. The magazine features special interest articles, field herpetology, information on captive maintenance, research and the latest news.

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Magazine philosophy

iHerp Australia magazine is designed to be a platform for education and the distribution of reliable, up-to-date herpetological information that is accessible to all

Magazine contributors

We strive to encourage and actively support the best writers in our field, whilst fostering new talent to become involved whenever possible.

Magazine content

We aim to include something for everyone – from those with an awakening interest in keeping reptiles, to the industry professional with a scientific perspective. The content of each issue of the magazine is carefully balanced by the most experienced editor of popular herpetological material in Australia, so that all of our readers can derive something useful, thought provoking, or of interest

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